The Surprising Politics of Antiques Roadshow  The Atlantic

Everything Tastes Better When You Eat It Over The Sink  Bon Appetit

I Tried to Get a ‘Leftover Dose’ of the Vaccine Last Night  NY Mag

Is Your Laptop Battery Dead? Acceptance Is The First Step to Making a Change NBC THINK

Biden’s Vaccine Plan is Helpful. But Here’s What’s Really Needed to Speed Things Up. NBC THINK

How it Feels to Go on Hunger Strike Eater

There’s No Such Thing as a Dangerous Neighborhood City Lab

American Police Must Own Their Racial Injustices  The American Prospect



Highly Educated Countries Have Better Governments The Atlantic

Obama’s Empty Rhetoric On Education The Atlantic

Why Doesn’t The Constitution Guarantee The Right to Education? The Atlantic


Homelessness Persists–Can New Attention By Powerful People Make A Dent? AlterNet

Why It Matters That Politicians Have No Experience Of Poverty The Atlantic

The Astonishing Decline of Homelessness in America The Atlantic


Classic Films, As Understood by Drones The New Yorker 

The New Office Ice Breakers The Toast

Corporations Taking Gentrification On The Road The Toast


Voices from Solitary Confinement Los Angeles Review of Books

Hillary Clinton Is Not a Criminal Justice Reformer, The New Republic

The Death Penalty Is Cruel. But So Is Life Without Parole. The New Republic  

You Can’t Reform The Criminal Justice System By Cutting Costs The New Republic

Yes, The Justice System is Bloated. But These 2 Areas Are Still Tragically Underfunded The Week

An Economic Answer To Police Abuse Medium Basic Income

Between The Pen And The Protest Los Angeles Review of Books

The Only Man Who Can Fix Mass Incarceration Is Barack Obama The Atlantic

The NFL Has A Domestic Violence Problem. But America’s Is Worse The Week


You Care About Where Your Food Comes From. Shouldn’t You Care About Who Picked It? Vox.com

Service Is Work Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

No Wonder No One Wants To Work For The Federal Government The Washington Post

Why Won’t President Obama Pay His Interns? The Washington Post

How We Can Use The White House’s Own Petition To Get It To Pay Its Interns AlterNet

How Washington Abandoned America’s Unpaid Interns The Atlantic

How The Senate Exploits Unpaid Interns The Atlantic


The Democratic Party Isn’t as Racist as the GOP. That’s Not Saying Much. The New Republic

Millennial Turnout Is Crucial. Too Bad Pols Have No Idea What Young People Care About   The Washington Post


The Paradox in America’s Treatment of Gun Violence Pacific Standard 

The 36 People Who Run Wikipedia Matter

The Cover Letter: A Short History of Every Job-Seeker’s Greatest Annoyance The Atlantic


Over on Medium, I periodically post thoughts on, but not limited to: interns, humor, Israel, progressive thinking, and politics.


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